*Juan* is being raised by a single mother who works hard as a cleaner at a nearby mall. Without New Horizons, Juan would go home to an empty apartment each day. Instead, he comes to a safe place after school and is now reading on grade-level, passed his state STAAR tests last spring, and recently had a solo part with our Super Kids Choir. New Horizons is changing the trajectory of Juan's life and is telling him a different story of belonging and community.

The Impact of New HorizonsJuan's Story

Inside every person, every child, every at-risk child, there is immense, intrinsic value given to them by God. Kids like Juan (story above), who are full of limitless possibility and potential, made in the image of God to do beautiful things – to do good in this world – and to make a difference in their schools and their communities.

And yet far too often, too many of our kids end up not believing this and become another negative statistic.

There are thousands of underprivileged kids in our community who are growing in up in poverty and struggle in school and eventually fall into the same negative cycle. We believe something else for them.  Long term, what we see is that

  • They read on grade level and graduate high school with a plan for their future.
  • They are high character kids full of grit, determination, and self-confidence.
  • They discover faith and become positive change agents in their families and community.
  • They would find a positive, caring mentor and return each year through graduation.

Can you begin to imagine this type of change taking place in our kids? We can, and we’d love to have you experience the joy of helping make it happen by supporting 1 child.

Help provide over

250 Hours of mentoring to a child

The Impact You are Providing

  • Over 250 hours of mentoring to each child.
  • Reading support to move kids from below grade level to reading on grade level
  • Tutoring to move kids from being “off-track” to “on-track” to high school graduation
  • Crucial mentorship and guidance to at-risk kids that is shaping their future
  • Christian, character teaching and faith-building that is influencing the child’s character
  • A positive place for each child to belong and grow in self-confidence and sense of self-worth
  • A safe and loving environment for kids to go after school and in the summer
  • Afterschool and summer meals
  • New experiences through trips and enrichment activities
  • Your support of a child covers a full year of our after school program, including the school semesters and summer. The site cost is $1,200 which equals $100 a month or $25 a week

How Your Giving Matters

Here is how your generosity makes an impact:

  • $100 per month or $1,200 support a child for 1 full year of mentoring
  • $150 provides academic materials and supplies
  • $300 supports a child for our summer reading camp
  • $500 supports a child for 1 semester of afterschool support

What You Can Experience

  • The satisfaction of investing your resources in an underprivileged child
  • The joy of contributing to the long-term well-being of an at-risk child
  • Hearing first hand from our kids by receiving cards and messages from them each year
  • An invitation to two events throughout the year to experience first hand how your gifts are making an impact


& Tell At-Risk Kids a Different Story

Do for ONE what you wish you could do for all.


You can mail a check payable to New Horizons:
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Complete the Giving Form on this page and choose “Assets” to initiate the giving process. For additional questions, please email us here.

We are raising support to help us mentor 100 kids in the next year.

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