is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping at-risk children and teens growing up in environments of poverty, academic failure, and hopelessness.

New Horizons provides the most vulnerable members of our community with the opportunity to choose a different course for their lives through the variety of our no-cost programs.

As a new affiliate of New Horizons Programs, Inc., New Horizons of North Texas serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex through after school tutoring and mentoring. Our Afterschool Learning Communities emphasize our core values of honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility in daily character education lessons.

During the 2016-2017 school year, New Horizons serves Edward Titche Elementary in Southeast Dallas (Pleasant Grove area) and Alex Sanger Elementary in East Dallas.

We hope you will get to know more about us as you browse through our website. Be sure to contact us for further information, volunteering, or the many others ways you too can be a part of changing a life forever!


Our mission is to empower at-risk youth to reach their full potential through tutoring, mentoring and faith.


We envision all at-risk youth completing high school with a plan for the future to become contributing members of society.


Hope for the future
Safe community for youth
Multi-cultural/generational relationships
High school graduation
Character building through Christian education
Commitment to serve others
Community partnerships
Respect and celebrate individual strengths


In 2002, Bob and Ellen Nichols saw a need to reach children with the message of Jesus Christ in a small neighborhood in Bonita Springs, FL. Ellen was local elementary school teacher, and Bob was a professional boat captain. They began their ministry by going door to door inviting kids to come to the “Super Kids Church,” which would meet every Sunday morning at Manna Christian RV Park. This kids-only church became a huge success!

The Nichols’ began praying for God’s direction on how to reach more children. Seeing the problems in the neighborhoods and recognizing the tremendous need to help the children from non-English speaking homes with their school work, Bob and Ellen were led to find a place to provide free after school tutoring.

In January 2003, they opened the first Super Kids Club in Rosemary Park and also founded New Horizons of Southwest Florida, a non-profit organization. From its first day with 20 children meeting on Wednesday afternoons, New Horizons Super Kids Club has expanded to four locations open Monday through Thursday. The Super Teens Club opened in 2006 in order to continue meeting the needs of students through high school graduation.

As the impact in Southwest Florida expanded, New Horizons Programs, Inc. was created in 2015 to launch the first affiliate location – New Horizons of North Texas. The visionary efforts of Tom and Nancy Cooper were instrumental in bringing the affiliate organization to their home town of Dallas to create faith-based after-school programs throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

By God’s amazing grace, New Horizons now includes eight different programs that operate throughout the year providing more than 60,000 hours annually of tutoring, mentoring, and faith to over 500 at-risk youth in Southwest Florida and North Texas.

Case Statement

The U.S. Department of Education quantifies the need for the New Horizons’ programs in terms of high school graduation rates for Texas; only 58% of students who speak English as a second language graduate from high school. The U.S. Census Bureau reports for 2011 that in 35% of Texas homes, English is the second language. These are alarming statistics for the Texas economy; for roughly one third of Texas families, nearly half of their children do not graduate high school. The dropouts join the minimum wage, occasionally employed labor pool of non-diploma adults. Young women dropouts are more likely to have early pregnancies and to live as single parent mothers through their adult life. Dropouts make up nearly half the heads of households on welfare and commit about 75 percent of crimes in the U.S (Jun 20, 2012 CNN report by Donna Keache). On average, each high school dropout, over their lifetime, costs taxpayers $292,000 in incarceration and lost taxes due to lower wages. The high dropout rates are negatively impacting Texas’s economy and the quality of its social fabric. Reducing the dropout rate is a complicated problem that requires a focused, personalized solution. New Horizons of 
North Texas is tackling this problem. These programs provide tutoring, mentoring, and character building to some of the highest risk students, those homes where English is not the primary language spoken and many are living below the poverty level. These parents are busy working, do not know the U.S. culture and do not communicate well with the school system and other social services. They are therefore unable to help their children with homework, address problems at school or take advantage of opportunities to excel and succeed. New Horizons’ programs and staff were developed and operate to help these families and their students overcome the many issues and challenges they face. The New Horizons’ program provides measurable results, and is one initiative that has demonstrated success and future potential to improve our at-risk youth’s high school graduation rate.


Seth & Lacey Henderson


While calling a small town in Arkansas home, Seth decided to pack his bags and move to Texas to attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University. In 2005 Seth married his high school sweetheart, Lacey, and they now have two young daughters.

Seth has filled a variety of roles on church staffs in North Texas, San Antonio, and Tulsa, OK, with a focus on youth, church operations, involvement, and organizational infrastructure and systems. He graduated from George Fox Evangelical Seminary with a Masters of Ministry Leadership in 2014.

Seth’s passion is to ignite redemptive hope and purpose in others to see a city transformed by God from the inside out. He desires to see a love for education stirred up in kids sparking confidence and self-worth.

When you can’t find Seth wearing himself out with his OCD side, you may find him recharging with a run or catching scores on ESPN, attempting to swing a golf club, or reading a good book at a coffee shop with his favorite drink in hand… a vanilla iced coffee.

Lacey is the program director for New Horizons of North Texas. She is a passionate educator who earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English Education from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in 2007.

After teaching in both urban and suburban schools for seven years, Lacey decided to leave the classroom to fulfill her life dream of community development work. She is passionate about her faith in Christ and her belief in the power of education and mentorship in changing the lives of students.

Lacey enjoys spending time with her husband Seth and their two children.   The busy mom of two girls also enjoys trying out new recipes from Pinterest, reading with a good cup of coffee in hand, exploring new cities with her husband, and training in preparation for her next race. She loves kids and youth and feels honored to get the opportunity to ignite hope and purpose through education and faith.


Our staff serving students from Edward Titche Elementary include include Jake Saenz, Chris Cole, Chelsea Criss, and Felicia Baker.

Our staff serving students from Alex Sanger Elementary include Cammie Avers, Hannah Moore, Abigail Ours, and Alex Pinlac.