Join us as we build local solutions to remove barriers and create a foundation of success for high risk youth and their families through Tutoring, Mentoring, STEM Education and Faith Building that will positively impact families in our community forever.

In this post Covid-19 world, agencies can either shelter in place and hope that things get better or they can rise up to the challenge and lead the way by reinventing how they serve the needs of the community. New Horizons of North Texas has been the leader in innovation for Dallas ISD after school programming by not only remaining open during the pandemic but immediately changing focus to virtual programming and expanding opportunities through a holistic approach; supporting not only the student but the entire family. According to the Dallas Afterschool Network, New Horizons of North Texas has been the ONLY after school programming available to students since the school shutdown in March 2020. Simply put; the three hours a day we spend with our families, makes a lifetime of difference. Building a firm foundation for the love of learning and the joy of reading plus fellowship and faith is our goal. Our country is built on this very same foundation. America is “the land of Opportunity” for everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same access to opportunities.

New Horizons of North Texas can deliver on that promise with our ability to develop innovative and creative ways to support high – risk youth and their families and by adapting to ever-changing economic realities as they emerge in these challenging times. Together, we can and should do better to provide hope for our most vulnerable families. This need is clear. Dallas ISD serves — more than 150,000 students in grades 1-8. Of those children, 70% are Hispanic and 22% are African American. The Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance reports that the population of homeless kids is up 108 percent and the number of homeless families is up 60 percent. Currently, there are more than 3400 homeless children enrolled in Dallas ISD and it has dire consequences, including economic underperformance, social unrest, and individual despair. The Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty says the child poverty rate in Dallas is 30.6%. That means almost 100,000 kids are living in poverty. Among cities larger than 1 million people, Dallas has the third-highest child poverty rate in the country. Dallas is tied with Phoenix. Only Philadelphia and Houston have higher rates. At New Horizons of North Texas, we want to take action and help our youth reach their full potential. Improving skills in reading, science and math, to nurture the love of learning beyond high school and to build relationships with mentors through faith based activities holds the promise of a pathway out of poverty, and economic prosperity for the whole family. Our F4 Campaign is different. We are taking an innovative approach to creating a firm foundation for success:
STEM Education