20/28 Titche Elementary students completed program requirements

  20,000 plus minutes were read afterschool by our students

  Provided 2560 “third meals” to our students

  Provided 40 plus hours of character training to each student

  Students’ literacy skills improved by an average of 6 months

  Our students collectively attended school 36% more than the previous year.

Take a look at the long-term impact made by our affiliate over the last 15 years.

Each year over 200 hours of tutoring and mentoring are provided for each child.

I love the fact that everyone at New Horizons cares for all of the kids' well being, spirituality, education, and ambitions/goals. This program helps the parents as well as the children.

A New Horizons' Parent


Every child is full of God-given potential and possibility. Yet, quite often our kids simply don’t believe this about themselves and struggle with low self-confidence when they don’t do well in school. New Horizons is committed to telling kids a different story.  The Super Kids Club addresses the emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of underserved, at-risk elementary kids by providing a safe Afterschool Learning Community for kids to belong throughout the school year. Kids attend Super Kids Club four days a week at no-cost to learn in a highly relational environment with the support of caring mentors. One student at a time, we are telling them a different story and providing support they need to achieve.

Daily Experience

  1. Tutoring: Students receive individualized reading support and develop self-confidence to grow them towards achieving “C” or higher in Reading and Reading On Grade Level.
  2. Mentoring: Students experience relationships from committed and caring mentors and belong to a safe learning community to increase school attendance.
  3. Character Building: Students receive faith-based character education that empowers them to make positive choices and become great citizens in their communities.

Reading Mentors

While reading well is foundational for a student’s success, many of our students read below grade level. Volunteers from across our community work with kids in small guided reading groups to read 30 minutes each day and encourage them to succeed through positive affirmation. Working in collaboration with the elementary school, level-appropriate reading materials are utilized for each student by our Reading Mentors to build confidence and see progress.

Learning Software

Students complete 80 plus minutes of Literacy work each week in our computer lab using Lexia Reading, iStation, and RAZ Kids. The software provides an initial assessment for each unit of study and then develops individualized instruction to remediate specific areas of growth.

Character Development

Students receive daily character education training that prepares them to make positive choices and become great citizens at school and at home. Lessons incorporate values of honesty, integrity and personal responsibility using stories, crafts, songs, and drama.


Students come to Super Kids Club straight from school and are greeted with healthy snacks and drinks to enjoy before they settle into doing their homework and computer lessons. This crucial “third meal” is provided each day from our partnership with Hunger Busters.

Relational Impact Strategy

We create no-cost Afterschool Learning Communities for our students to experience the individualized support they need to succeed. Starting with a pilot group of students at an elementary school, we add programming each year to age with our students to provide a long-term relationship for students throughout middle school and high school. With the support of local faith communities and community volunteers, we are on a mission to empower at-risk kids to fulfill their full potential and pen a new story of success for their lives.

Impact Goals

Provide reading support and tools to at-risk students helping them develop self-confidence that moves them towards achieving a “C” or higher in Reading and Reading On Grade Level.
Create a safe environment where students are empowered, shaped, and guided by a personalized mentor(s) to meet school attendance requirements and achieve their full God-given potential.
Develop an awareness of the power of faith, hope, and love that encourages right relationship with God, self, and others to display character traits of honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility throughout their life.

Super Kids Club Locations

We serve students in Southeast Dallas –  leasing space from Edward Titche Elementary.

We serve students in East Dallas –  leasing space from Alex Sanger Elementary.




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White Rock United Methodist Church
Clearpath Church
Mesquite First Assembly
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Dallas Baptist Association
New Creation Bible Church


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BNSF Railway Foundation


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Hunger Busters
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Alex Sanger Elementary
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