New Horizons has helped me a lot throughout my life. When New Horizons first started, my sister and I began coming to Super Kids Church. I learned so much about God and without New Horizons, I wouldn’t have a close relationship with Jesus like I have now. New Horizons has also helped me with school. I started going to Super Kids Club as soon as it opened and now I am in the Super Teens Club. Because of the help that I’ve received in the after school program, I’ve been doing really well in school. I don’t know where I would be without New Horizons. I’ve learned so much about what the Bible says and what God wants for my life. When I graduate from high school, I want to go to college so that I can become a teacher and work with little kids. With all of the help and encouragement that I receive from New Horizons, I know that I will be able to accomplish this goal. Because of New Horizons, I have great friends and an awesome best friend, God.


When I was 15 years old, my dad lost his job after falling off a ladder and breaking his leg. We couldn’t pay the bills anymore. We lost our home and we had to move into a trailer at Manna Christian RV Park. At first, I hated the idea of living in a trailer. I went from having everything to losing it all in days. I struggled in school and I didn’t care about succeeding anymore. Towards the end of my sophomore year, Ms. Ellen saw me at the bus stop and invited me to Super Teen Club. I hesitated and I waited about a week, but finally I decided to go. I can honestly say that from that day on my life changed. Back then, I was lost and didn’t care about school anymore. Now I have goals and New Horizons is helping me to accomplish them. I realized that through all these years. God has never abandoned me. Even when I’ve felt pushed down, He’s helped me get right back up. If it wasn’t for New Horizons, I don’t think I would have graduated from high school or gotten into college so that I can become a law enforcement officer. I can truly say that I am thankful for all the help New Horizons has given me.


The most difficult situation I have ever faced happened when I was in third grade. I wasn’t doing very well in school and my mom couldn’t help me as much as she wished she could. I felt scared and trapped in school because the other students understood it all, and I didn’t get anything. I failed third grade. Although I’ve always tried hard, I was never able to get really great grades in school.
Then, in eighth grade, I found out about New Horizons. That year, they helped me to improve my grades from C’s to A’s and B’s, and I got on the honor roll for the first time in my life!
I know that I can do anything that I put myself to because New Horizons has taught me that anything is possible with God’s help. New Horizons has helped me to apply for scholarships so that I can go to college. I plan to enter the criminal justice program, so I will be able to become a detective. With the help of New Horizons, I will be the first person in my family to graduate from high school and attend college. When I have kids, I want to set a good example and show them they can be anything they set their minds to.


Throughout the years, New Horizons has changed my perspective on school and God. Since I started attending Super Teens Club, my grades have improved from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s. Because I began to study more and listen in class, I discovered my interest in archeology.
I love studying past civilizations and mythology! With my good grades, I hope to attend college and become an archeologist. Not only has Super Teens Club helped me to improve my grades, but I have also learned so much about the Bible and about God. New Horizons has taught me that God is there for me and he can help me through anything.


When I first came to the U.S., my family and I moved into a small trailer in Manna Christian RV Park. There were eight of us– me, my parents, and my 5 brothers and sisters and I started going to Super Kids Church and Super Kids Club. Ever since then, New Horizons has had a huge influence in my and my family’s lives. My family has struggled with a lot throughout the years, and New Horizons has been there to help us by providing supplies for school, food, and hope. I’ve learned so much about God, and how to forgive others, and that God will always be there when I need him. When I grow up, I would like to be an artist because I love that I can express whatever feelings I’m having through artwork. To accomplish this goal, I want to graduate from high school with honors and attend college and get an art degree. New Horizons is helping me to achieve these goals by encouraging me and providing assistance with my homework so I can succeed in school.


During middle school, I started to hang out with the wrong crowd and I began to step away from schoolwork and my life with God. My grades started to drop and I started to do bad things and think that it wouldn’t matter. Thankfully, New Horizons was there to help me get back on my feet. When Super Teens Club opened, I started going and they helped me realize that the friends I had weren’t the friends I needed. I stopped talking to them and started to focus on my schoolwork again.
With New Horizons’ help and guidance, now I’m at Edison State College. I am majoring in business, but one day I want to become a fashion designer and have my own clothing line. If it wasn’t for New Horizons I would never be able to accomplish any of these goals and I would probably be just like so many of the other kids in my neighborhood that have dropped out of school.
Each week, I help at the Super Kids Club in my neighborhood. I help kids with their homework and try and help them to be on a better path than I was. Sunday mornings, when the Super Kids go to sing in church, I direct the choir. For years, I was one of the kids on the stage singing! New Horizons has made a big impact on my life. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be in the place that I am now.


When I became a Super Kid, I was 6 years old and extremely shy. My family of 6 lived in a small RV at Manna Christian RV Park. I started going to the Super Kids church every Sunday. Then, when the Super Kids Club started I began to attend. I am now in the eleventh grade and attend the Super Teens Club daily where we study the Bible and do our homework. I have learned the importance of setting goals, working hard in school, serving God, and making the right choices for my life. In the 7th grade I earned a take Stock in Children Scholarship for a four-year college education. In my essay I wrote about all my experiences with the New Horizons Super Kids and Super Teens Club. As one of four children, I have seen my home destroyed in the flooding a few years ago, both of my parents hospitalized, and my family still struggling to survive. New Horizons has helped me through it all by giving me the opportunity to have a relationship with God and know He is always here for me. Despite these hardships, my future is filled with hope and dreams of becoming a pediatrician. I will be the first in my family to attend college.


Last summer, God showed me a new part of the world by giving me an opportunity to go to Haiti with Captain Bob on a six-week New Horizons mission trip on the sailboat, “Star of the Sea.” God opened my eyes to how other people’s lives are and it made me thankful for what I have in my life. God used this opportunity to strengthen my faith by giving me a new perspective on life. There is more to the world than just me. During my trip to Haiti, God called me to help others through missions. Through New Horizons, He has shown me that I can fulfill my purpose in life by becoming a boat captain.


Since I was seven years old, New Horizons has been part of my life. If someone asked me why I keep going, I would say that I go because it keeps me closer to God, which feels right to me and brings me peace.
Making good decisions isn’t easy for kids my age. New Horizons has been there for me through the hard times. They have encouraged me to succeed in life.
In the future, I want to be a mechanic because I’m really interested in engines. I also plan to continue being part of New Horizons through my graduation from high school because they really help me. I will be the first one in my family to graduate and I’m looking forward to supporting my family.


New Horizons has impacted my life by helping me in my relationship with God. They have shown me that God is the Father of heaven and earth and that Jesus gave his life for us. During Super Teens Summer Camp, I had the opportunity to go to places that i had never been before. At the end of summer, we even got to go to Key Largo to learn about snorkeling and all of the amazing sea creatures that God created! New Horizons has also helped me with schoolwork and taught me strategies for improving my grades. In the future, I want to be a lawyer because I think solving cases and trying to help people will be important. I’m really interested in the immigration problems we have and I want to make a difference.


When I was little, my Grandma passed away and I knew that I wanted to become a doctor. Her influence gave me the courage and strength to help others when they are in the same situation. I want to be there for them to comfort them and to help save their lives. In order to achieve this goal, New Horizons is helping me to succeed so that I can go to college and become a doctor. At Super Teens Club, they have helped me improve my grades, achieve my reading goal, and be on the honor roll for the third time this year! New Horizons has helped me to learn more about God and His word. I’ve learned that we should be thankful for everything that we have because there are others who have less. We are truly blessed because He gave His life for us.