Served over 120 students in two afterschool sites and our summer camp
144,000 plus minutes were read afterschool by our students
Provided 8 hours of mentoring to students enrolled in our afterschool program
73% of kids attending regularly advanced 1 or more reading levels
81 volunteers provided 1,457 hours of mentoring

*Giovanni* and his younger brother joined our afterschool program last year and have found a safe place to go after school while their single mother is still at work. Each day he is getting help with his school work, his self-esteem, and his faith, and he’s seeing great progress in school. When he entered the program, he was two reading levels behind, but since joining New Horizons, his reading has improved by 1 ½ grade levels and now he’s becoming a leader in our club.

The Impact of New HorizonsGiovanni's Story

1 in 3 young people grow up without a mentor and become another negative statistic. We know that each child is more valuable than that, and your generous donation will help tell that story!

Inside every every child is immense value given to them by God. At-risk kids like Giovanni (story above) are full of limitless possibility and potential, made in the image of God to do beautiful things. And far too often, they don’t live out God’s best in their life.

Your giving can help a student to… 

  • Read on grade level and graduate high school with a plan for their future.
  • Live full of high character, grit, determination, and self-confidence.
  • Discover faith to become a positive change agent in his/her family and community.

We cannot do this alone, but together, we know all of this is possible. You can provide this type of impact for a child, and we’d love for you partner with us to tell kids a different story!