New Horizons Stories – Spring 2019

By March 5, 2019Stories


Isaiah is a 2nd grader who has been with New Horizons since we started at his school. In the beginning, it was not uncommon for Isaiah to either shut down, be angry, or even get really upset when he would read with us. He also was very behind in his grade level in reading. While he has been progressing over the past year, this last month in particular, we have seen him transform into such a smart, beautiful child of God. He is starting to read with a new found confidence, and last week, he wrote a book report for us after he finished one of his first ever chapter books. He consistently is improving his reading, and we also have just seen a huge change in his participation his Bible time. Something has just clicked, and it’s been awesome to watch!



From the moment she arrived, Francely was easily a youth that was “unnoticeable.” In fact, that was her intention. She disliked any type of attention and did not like to participate, speak, or be acknowledged in any form. However, over the course of this school year, we have slowly seen her open up to both her mentors and leaders. Also, she has been involved in every game and activity we play. It’s been fun to watch because she is actually quite competitive. Over the last month, she has volunteered to read the “RULES” aloud, participate in trivia competitions with her team, and is stepping up to be a leader in our afterschool club!

*Names have been changed for identity reasons.